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See the QuickFit Lacer in Action:

Learn how to install the QuickFit Lacer Below:

Do I need to punch new holes in a shoe to use the QuickFit Lacer?

Usually, you can use the existing lacing holes in a shoe.  If the shoe does not offer a stable hole for the guide to be riveted to, use the QuickFit Tool (Part Number TL001) to punch clean holes in select areas.

How do I pick the right size QuickFit Lacer for my application?

Use the sizing guide:

  • Use the small lacer for shoes under size 41 EU
  • Use the medium lacer for shoes over Size 42 EU
  • Use the large lacer for AFO’s and over the ankle boots

What size rivets do I need to order?

QuickFit Rivets (Part Number: SP1040) are available as packs of 100 through Click’s distribution partners. The black, double capped rivets are installed easily with the QuickFit Tool (Part Number TL001) and provide a finished look to the system.

How do I install the rivets?

The rivets are set by hand for the first phase, allowing you to easily set up the system and test it on your patient.  Once everything is in the right place, the rivets need to be compressed at a 90º angle to ensure proper rivet setting. We have optimized the QuickFit Tool (Part Number TL001) to properly secure rivets and punch correct sized holes where needed.

Are the QuickFit Lacers sold as a pair?

QuickFit Lacers are sold as a single system. To build a pair of footwear, you will need to order two kits.

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