Click Straps and Buckles

Click Straps and Buckles
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Improve patient outcomes faster.

Quickly deliver devices that patients love.

QuickFitTM Strap

Micro Adjustable

Empower patients to quickly and easily control fit and comfort throughout the day. Each “click” of the dial moves the strap 1mm for the perfect fit every time.

Improved Compliance

Adjustability allows for a proper and comfortable fit, resulting in increased use of devices.

Better Patient Outcomes

Patients get better performance out of their existing devices and experience better outcomes.

One-Handed Use

Adjustment and closure can be operated with only one hand.


Cut-to-size design can be fit to any new or existing device. Easily conforms around the smallest limb to the largest torso.

Fast and Easy

QuickFit Straps are prefabricated, durable, and install in minutes.

QuickFitTM Buckle

One-Handed Use

Easily operate with only one hand.


Powerful magnetic buckle clicks itself into place and holds strong all day.

Never Wears Out

QuickFit Buckle design allows straps to last the life of the product by eliminating repetitive hooking and unhooking of Velcro.

Easy to Add

QuickFit Buckle easily adds on to QuickFit Strap in seconds.

Ordering Info:

CM-OK1410-130-05 QuickFit Strap, 1.5”(38mm), Black

CM-OK1415-000-05 QuickFit Buckle 1.5”(38mm) Black

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