Massons Healthcare proudly represents Click Medical and supplies their product range throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The product range comprises of:
RevoFit2 (prosthetic socket adjustability)
RevoLock Lanyard (prosthetic suspension and connection to locking liners)
RevoFlex (designed for AFO range of motion adjustability and control)
QuickFit Lacers, QuickFit Straps, and QuickFit Buckles.

Please contact Massons Healthcare via email at or over the phone at +613 9898 0011 for more information.

More product info can be viewed online here:
For providers- click here
For product users- click here

CYA (Can You Adjust) PROGRAM:

If you are a Clinical Prosthetist or Prosthetic Technician in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore, click here to sign up for the "free" online CYA (Can You Adjust) RevoFit professional development program.
BK (Below-Knee) and AK (Above-Knee) education modules are available.
After watching a set of videos and answering quiz questions, Massons Healthcare will send you a free RevoFit2 BK (Below-Knee) or AK (Above-Knee) check/test/diagnostic socket kit (whichever module is completed), to ensure you build confidence setting up RevoFit2 volume adjustable sockets for your amputee clients. Miniature RevoFit BK demo sockets are also available upon completion of a CYA module. Contact Massons to find out how this mini RevoFit socket can be used as a tool to educate users on RevoFit's features and benefits.

CYA Advanced Solutions Series

Click has recently launched their Advanced Education Module. Includes great Advanced Technique case studies in it to help practitioners see what other practitioners are doing to make great adjustable sockets for their clients. To access this area, simply sign up for CYA Lite, or CYA Complete.
Massons and Click invites practitioners to expand the library for our Advanced Knowledge Base. If you are a practitioner, feel free to submit a case study by clicking here

Revofit And Revolock Quizzes:

If you are unsure if Click Medical products are right you, take the quiz. RevoFit and RevoLock quizzes take patients and users through a quick 9 questions to see if either of these products are right for you.
To take the RevoFit quiz, click here
To take the RevoLock quiz, click here

Product Update:

Click Medical have recently launched a NEW QuickFit Releasing Kit.
This kit adds opening functionality to the QuickFit Lacer range by adding releasing guides to one side so that the system can fully open like a door for easy donning. Lacers are sold individually. One pair of footwear requires two kits (one per orthotic application).
For more online info on QuickFit Lacers, click here

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