Quickfit Lacer

Quickfit Lacer
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Quick, easy, adjustable.

The QuickFitTM Lacer is a preassembled system that easily rivets on to any shoe or cuff.

Add On To New Or Existing Devices

Either use the kit for fabrication of a new device, or easily upgrade an existing device.

Preassembled, Easy Install

Within minutes you can create great fit, comfort, and performance by simply riveting the kit onto a device. Using the QuickFit Rivets and QuickFit Tool, installation is a snap, usually taking under 5 minutes from start to finish.

Reduce Potential For Patients To Fall

Eliminate messy laces and get great fit with a simple one-handed turn of the Boa® dial. Now patients can easily choose appropriate footwear and avoid falls.

One-Handed, Micro-Adjustment

Patients can easily adjust to the optimal fit of their device throughout the day, quickly adapting to changes in activity or support needs.

Click Medical QuickFit Lacer Starter Pack

QuickFitTM Lacer Starter PackOK0260-130-05

Everything you need to start using QuickFit Lacers.

Includes: 10 QuickFit Lacers (Two extra small, four small, and four medium lacers), a free QuickFit Tool, and a 100 pack of Rivets.

Ordering Info:

CM -OK0180-130-05  QuickFit Lacer, X-Small    

CM -OK0185-130-05  QuickFit Lacer,  X-Small (10 Pack, 100 pack Rivets)    

CM -OK0200-130-05  QuickFit Lacer, Small    

CM -OK0205-130-05  QuickFit Lacer, Small  (10 pack, 100 pack Rivets)    

CM -OK0220-130-05  QuickFit Lacer, Medium    

CM -OK0225-130-05  QuickFit Lacer,  Medium (10 pack, 100 pack Rivets)    

CM -OK0240-230-05  QuickFit Lacer, Large    

CM -RP0200-130-05  QuickFit XS/SM/MD  Dial and Lace Replacement Kit    

CM -RP0200-230-05  QuickFit LG Dial and Lace Replacement Kit    

CM -SP1040  QuickFit Lacer Rivet  Set (100 Pack)    

CM -TL-001  QuickFit Rivet Set Tool    

CM -LOK019  Low-Mid Power Steel  Lace  - 10 Meter Spool        

CM -OK0165-230  QuickFit Releasing Lacer, Large

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