A Video Guide to the Bubble-Forming Method Using Orfitrans


How to pull the perfect prosthetic sockets and liners

The bubble-forming method (or vacuum-forming method) is a great technique for pulling crystal clear check sockets as well as smooth prosthetic liners.

In this step-by-step video guide, we show you the basic bubble-forming process for an effective prosthetic socket/liner.

From the preparation of the positive mould to the actual bubble-forming.

Watch this tutorial to learn essential tips and tricks and get the best results from your Orfitrans thermoplastic sheets.

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Before you start

The bubble-forming method works perfectly with all types of Orfitrans materials. But depending on the sheet material you choose, the oven settings will be slightly different. Find the correct heating time and temperature in this practical overview:

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Activation temperatures for the bubble forming method.

If you take these heating recommendations to heart, your Orfitrans sheets will be in the perfect condition for moulding.

Let’s get started!

A video guide to the bubble-forming method

Use this instructional video as a reference guide when bubble forming Orfitrans sheets. If you follow our tips and instructions, you will be able to pull the perfect sockets over and over again.

Now that you’ve created your Orfitrans prosthetic socket, it’s time to finish it for a smooth and comfortable fit. Discover our top tips for finishing a thermoplastic socket.

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