Orfitrans® Extra Soft Silicone

Orfitrans® Extra Soft Silicone
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Highly flexible with very smooth touch for prosthetic sockets

Orfitrans Extra Soft with Silicone is a flexible material that feels great and is not tacky or sticky.

No powder is needed on the inside. It pulls easily and uniformly. It eliminates all of the difficulties and inconveniences you experience with other materials.

Orfitrans Extra Soft Silicone is available in thicknesses of 9 mm and 12 mm.

Product Characteristics


  • Very flexible material.


  • The socket is opaque.
  • White colour.

Low shrinkage

  • No risk for excessive pressure or compression.
  • The socket material will keep the shape and dimension determined by the mould.

Working properties

  • Easy to mould.
  • Pulls easily and uniformly.
  • Bubble forming.
  • Non-sticky.


  • EVA based.
  • Flexibility gives a very comfortable feeling for the patient.
  • Silicone based for very smooth surface.


  • 150°C.
  • Activation time according to thickness.

Product range

  • Product is available in different thicknesses and sheet sizes.


  • Inner sockets.

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