Xtend Foot

Xtend Foot
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Patented lateral mobility of 17 degrees

Xtend Foot is a foot prosthesis which functions to all intents and purposes like a human foot. Ordinary foot prostheses are highly restricted in their capacity to adapt to uneven surfaces, leading to falls, uncertainty and wear and tear for the user.

triple amputee walking dog

Easy and short learning period

Xtend Foot is intended for above and below knee leg amputees who have a moderate to high level of activity, particularly outdoors and on uneven terrain.
The prosthetic foot accommodates both double and single amputees, up to 125 kg in weight.

long picture of an amputees prosthetic legs

Unrivalled balance, stability and mobility

- Adaptable to various surfaces

- Reduced wear-and-tear by active dampening

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