Orfitrans® Excel

Orfitrans® Excel
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A PE-copolymer for orthotics and flexible prosthetic sockets

Orfitrans Excel is lighter in weight than most other materials, resulting in increased patient comfort.

This low friction, flexible material is not tacky nor sticky to mould. The material pulls easily and uniformly. The surface finish is silky and smooth and buffs easily. Both bubble and drape forming are possible.

The material will bond to itself permanently. Orfitrans Excel will not cold flow and is not subject to discolouration.

It is resistant to wrinkling and very stable over time.

The moderate bending modulus of Orfitrans Excel allows for functional mobility and muscle movement.

Orfitrans Excel is available in semi-transparent and black colour and comes in a wide range of thicknesses from 3 mm up to 15 mm.

Product Characteristics


  • Flexible material.


  • Semi-transparent.
  • Allows observation of underlying anatomy while wearing.
  • Allows monitoring of potential pressure areas.
  • Allows control of proper moulding for total surface contact.

Low shrinkage

  • Very low shrinkage during activation.
  • The material will keep the shape and dimension determined by the mould – no significant change of the shape of a prosthetic socket over time.

Working properties

  • Very easy to mould after activation.
  • Drapes nicely.
  • Very low cold flow.


  • No acid smell.

Moderate bending modulus

  • Allows functional mobility and muscle movement.
  • Improves comfort.


  • 8% lighter than EVA-types.
  • Increased patient comfort.

Thermoplastic memory

  • Can be reheated and remoulded.
  • Easy relief of pressure points.
  • Correction of the shape of an orthotic is possible in case of error or adaptation.

Excellent U.V.-stability

  • No yellowing.
  • Not susceptible to ageing under normal storage conditions.
  • Allows for more flexible inventory.


  • 130°C.
  • Activation time according to thickness.

Product range

  • Wide product range – available in different thicknesses.
  • Available in semi-transparent and black colour.


  • Excellent for hand, wrist, and ankle orthoses.
  • Excellent for prosthetic sockets and liners.

Check Socket, Inner Socket & Orthotic Fabrication with Orfitrans

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