Orfitrans Excel PE-copolymer orthotics and flexible prosthetic sockets


Orfit’s Orfitrans is a well-known range of thermoplastic materials for the production of check sockets and flexible sockets. Orfitrans Excel is the newest type of PE-copolymer that was added to the list. Like all other Orfitrans materials, Orfitrans Excel pulls easily, uniformly and the side walls will not thin out and tear. Tearing and deforming issues are something of the past, as are issues resulting from cold flow, excessive friction, discoloration minimized. Orfitrans materials will enable you to more easily achieve the desired patient outcomes while helping you increase productivity/patient throughput.

Excel is the first product in the Orfitrans range to be offered in black, a colour that will definitely appeal to the end-users as it is aesthetically very pleasing. It’s also available in semi-transparent and comes in a wide range of thicknesses, varying from 3 mm to 15 mm.

Orfitrans Excel

Orfitrans Excel  is available in semi-transparent and black

Some other improvements of this innovative product include the following:

  • Orfitrans Excel has an activation temperature of 130° (266°F), which is lower than other Orfitrans materials and will thus save energy and costs.
  • It does not have the typical acid smell like EVA-based materials but is completely scentless.
  • Excel is 8% lighter, resulting in more patient comfort.
  • Excel can be sticked together, allowing the “wrapping”-technique to be used
  • It has a very high UV-resistance which will prevent yellowing by aging or exposure to sunlight and will allow a longer storage of the product.

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