C-Form Tube

C-Form Tube
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C-FORM TUBE Synthetic Scanning Sleeve


  • Synthetic Scanning Sleeve
  • Finished cast is excellent for digital scanning on the outer surface of the C-Form Tube with no overlapping wraps as with casting tape.
  • Conforms nicely to complex shapes (especially with Doff-N-Donner around the ankle area).
  • Allows for the practitioner to produce a more conforming cast
  • No plaster mess
  • Ample time to work with before it hardens
  • Cost effective (based on comparable conforming casting tubes)
  • Comes in 2, 3, 4, 5 inch widths, in 20” (50cm) and 28” (70cm) lengths
  • NOTE: The larger the circumference, the shorter the resulting length will be.

Sizing Recommendations

  • (Circ. Range 7.5”/ 19cm to 14.5”/36cm)
    4022-2.20 – Pediatric AFO (up to petite child), Upper, Ped/small child BK
    4022-2.28 – Small child AFO

  • (Circ. Range 9”/29cm to 19.5”/49.5cm)
    4022-3.20 – BK (medium/large adult), lower KAFO section (average adult)
    4022-3.28 – AFO (child to average adult), Small AK

  • (Circ. Range 14.5”/ 37cm to 27”/68cm)
    4022-4.20 – BK (large to extra large adult), KAFO Calf section (very large adult)
    4022-4.28 – AFO (very large adult), medium to large AK, KAFO thigh section (average adult)

  • (Circ. Range 19”/48cm to 35”/89cm)
    4022-5-20 – KAFO (thigh section very large adult)
    4022-5.28 – AK (medium/large to XL adult)

Product Specifications (ST&G codes)

P/N                    Description

4022-2.20          C-Form Tube-2" x 20" (50cm)

4022-2.28          C-Form Tube-2" x 28" (70cm)

4022-3.20          C-Form Tube-3" x 20" (50cm)

4022-3.28          C-Form Tube-3" x 28" (70cm)

4022-4.20          C-Form Tube-4" x 20" (50cm)

4022-4.28          C-Form Tube-4" x 28" (70cm)

4022-5.20          C-Form Tube-5" x 20" (50cm)

4022-5.28          C-Form Tube-5" x 28" (70cm)


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