ER Resin

ER Resin
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  • 1 gallon Part A Resin
  • 2 bottles = 1/2 gallon Part B Hardener

The only resin known that does not need an inner liner to seal for vacuum.
Sockets are: Heat Adjustable, Repairable, Lighter & Stronger
Guaranteed 10% more economical that other like sockets!

Manufacturers Information, Procedures & Suggestions.

Savings & Advantages

  1. An average BK socket using Carbon composite material or similar products costs on average $120.00 in raw materials to manufacture.
  2. By using Nyglass and Nylon Stockinette, we can create a socket that costs only $18-$20 in raw materials to product.
  3. If carbon in desired, use SpectraCarb from Comfort Products to achieve the strength you feel you need. It also makes it heat relievable.
  4. No HazMat shipping fees is a huge savings.
  5. No shelf life means no more resin becoming outdated sitting on shelf. It won’t set until the two parts are mixed together.
  6. Crystal Clear resin so fabrics and colors come through.
  7. Soap and water clean up. NO MORE ACETONE
  8. Strength is unmatched by any resin sold today.

Mixing Instructions:

Mixing ratio of E-R RESIN is 100 grams of Part A to 40 grams of Part B.

  1. Pour Part B in cup first. Coast inside of cup with it.
  2. Add Part A next. It is very thick.
  3. Stir two together noting that the mixture will slightly cloud up and then clear up. Takes about 60 seconds.
  4. Stir again until well mixed

Curing & working times

  1. 12 to 14 minutes working time is good average
  2. 30 minutes to take off vacuum after gelling up.
  3. Curing takes many different forms with Epoxy. We will give you a few of the options available.
  4. Laminate at late afternoon & leave overnight.
  5. Heat 3 times with heat gun after it has set in about a 1 hour time frame.
  6. Place under a salon style hair dryer for 1 hour.
  7. After removing from vacuum, you can place in an over at 125 F for 1 hour.

Any of the above options will create a socket strong enough to walk your patient in after you trim and polish the edges. You do not have to use all of them, just one.

Ordering Info:

PRS-E-R Resin E-R Resin, pure Epoxy resin

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