Lyn Valve RV Wrench

Lyn Valve RV Wrench
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The Lyn Valve RV Wrench allows the user/clinician to open valves for cleaning and maintenance. Can be used with the Lyn Valve RVS (PA0400), Lyn Valve RVS Retrofit (PA0450), BK1 (PA0200), BK2 (PA0202), and PeeWee SI (PWSI). valves.

It is recommended that only clinicians use the RV Wrench, as a patient might be untrained in the proper disassembly procedures, and in turn, lose important internal components.  

The Lyn Valve RV Wrench can be used with :

  • Lyn Valve RVS (PA0400)
  • Lyn Valve RVS Retrofit (PA0450)
  • BK1 (PA0200)
  • BK2 (PA0202)
  • PeeWee SI (PWSI)

Besides being able to open all the valves listed above, it also can loosen and tighten the Lyn Valve RVA (PA0002).  This is useful for patients that have dexterity issues.

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