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PMT Halo Systems
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PMT Halo System

The PMT Corporation’s Halo system is the most reliable, easy to use and effective Halo structure available. This Halo system is designed to provide optimal patient comfort and healing. Compared to spinal fusion, Halo fixation allows the body to naturally repair itself at a reduced cost.

The PMT Halo head ring utilizes hand wound graphite to ensure product quality and consistency. The proprietary titanium skull pins are specially designed with a parabolic tip to increase the anchoring qualities and reduces the need to retighten the pins as with other designs. The medical grade titanium, TI 6AL-4V ELI, combined with the graphite head ring and support posts are MRI conditional at both 1.5T and 3.0T as well as CT compatible to provide the best imaging characteristics.

The gold standard in ambulatory fixation providing optimum support and patient comfort. This open back traction halo system comes complete with graphite composite open back ring, traction bail, head pins, positioning pads, Extended Range (ER) superstructure, vest, liner, and wrenches.

PMT Halo ARTG Certificate


  • 1.5/3T MRI Conditional plus CT compatibility
  • Adjustable headblocks can independently adjust 3 ways
  • Displaced buckle for clear lateral x-rays
  • Vest design results in lighter weight, better fit and increased patient compliances
  • Soft, flexible material at shoulder for increased anterior/posterior compression
  • Nylon ball joints for quick and easy fitting


  • Traction Tongs carbon graphite (titanium lock-nuts/S-hook) Model #1210
  • Surgical Bed Adaptors (anterior/posterior) Model #1201-65
  • Head Spoon Model #1201-16
  • Skate Assembly (includes head spoon) Model #1201-12

Available Options:

Halo Ring

  • Open back
  • Closed back


  • Standard
  • With air bladder to relieve spinal pressure
  • Kyphotic
  • Patient specific designs
  • Lambs wool liner
  • Acrylic liner
  • Coolmax® liner


  • 4 sizes

PMT Halo Application Video

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PMT Halo Instructions

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