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The PPAM Aid (Pneumatic Post-Amputation Mobility Aid) is a device designed for partial weight bearing in post amputation rehabilitation. It is used to aid the reduction of residual limb oedema, prepare the residual limb for wearing a prosthesis and allow the re-education of postural reactions, balance and gait. The appliance is suitable for below knee, knee disarticulation and long above knee amputees, and can be used over soft dressing, bandaging or a plaster cast.

Features and benefits

  • Aids reduction of residual limb oedema
  • Prepares stump for harder socket
  • Can be placed over soft dressing, bandaging or plaster casts
  • Psychological benefits during early stages of rehabilitation
  • Range of frame sizes which are able to cater for bariatric patients
  • Fast acting pump
  • Non-tacky bags with quick release valves

Recommendations for use

PPAM AID is suitable for transtibial, knee disarticulation and long transfemoral amputees. To suit the larger amputee, larger versions of the 650mm long, 750mm long and 850mm long frames are available. For all, the girth of the top ring is increased by 10cm. Larger BK and AK Bags, and Cushion Bags are also available for use with these larger frames.

Fitting tutorial

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