Waterproof Rotating Receiver (Titanium)

Waterproof Rotating Receiver (Titanium)
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Waterproof Rotating Receiver (Titanium)


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Our high-quality forged titanium components have been machined with distinct water channels to provide proper irrigation. Specially designed screws offer anti corrosion properties. Take it one step further and pair one of these three components with other ST&G titanium components to create a complete waterproof solution. (Refer to approved component list below)

NOTE: When ordering a product from the list below to be PAIRED with one of our three waterproof components, please indicate the word “Waterproof” so that waterproof screws can be included if required.

Pair any of the below titanium components with 1211T-W, 1212T-W, or 1216T-W to create a complete waterproof component kit.

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