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Conforms nicely to complex shapes

• Allows for the practitioner to produce a moreconforming cast

• No plaster mess• Ample time to work with before it hardens

• No need for special glove, a regular castingglove is fine to use

• Resin does not stick to the glove like typicalfibre glass casting tape

• Very rigid cast once finished

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STG-4013-2 C-Form Casting Tape - White, 2" x4 Yd. Per Roll (10 rolls per box)

STG-4013-3 C-Form Casting Tape - White, 3" x4 Yd. Per Roll (10 rolls per box)

STG-4013-4 C-Form Casting Tape - White, 4" x4 Yd. Per Roll (10 rolls per box)

STG-4013-5 C-Form Casting Tape - White, 5" x4 Yd. Per Roll (10 rolls per box)

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