C-TK-4P0C Paediatric Knee

C-TK-4P0C Paediatric Knee
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MINI 4-Bar CHILD'S Pneumatic Knee

The MINI 4-BAR CHILD’S PNEUMATIC KNEE packs a load of unequaled function in such a small body. It provides true variable cadence, and unequalled function and durability for the active to extremely active above knee amputee who weighs up to 60kg (133lb.) Designed with a 4-bar linkage, the instantaneous center of rotation is functionally located superior and posterior to the anterior axis to enhance voluntary control, safety and energy consumption. The internal structure is composed of a sophisticated pneumatic cylinder with full adjustability to provide true variable cadence with on optimum gait while being esthetically pleasing.

1 Pneumatic swing phase control
2 Adjustable to pinpoint accuracy
3 Smallness and light-weight
4 Adjustable extension assist for swing phase control
5 Designed for child’s AK and knee-disarticulation

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