KnieAgil® WLD31

KnieAgil® WLD31
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The KnieAgil WLD31 is a waterproof, mechanical four-axis joint with a lock. Due to the design of the axle journal it is also especially suitable for amputees who have had a knee disarticulation. The lock can be released with a cable, and au­tomatically activates in extension. It is also possible to permanently deactivate the lock. The proximal adapter connection area allows for an installed adapter to be shifted either towards anterior or posterior by 5 mm.

Because one can adjust the position of the proximal adapter, it is possible to infiuence the position of the load line as well. Thereby, the standing stability during extension can be improved, and fiexion initiation can be made easier for the user. The KnieAgil WLD31 is the ideal solution for reliable standing security also on wet surfaces.

The joint is shipped with the medium strength spring, REF KA.EA094, installed. No adapter included.

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