Lyn Valve RV (Retrofit Slide)

Lyn Valve RV (Retrofit Slide)
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Compact, reliable, easy to use, and versatile! Simply slide the operator button in ANY direction and the valve stays open eliminating back-pressure for easy prosthetic donning and doffing. Added benefit: the Lyn Valve® RVS Retrofit is able to fit into the Lyn Valve RVA housing.

This NEW version of the popular Lyn Slide Valve (PA0400) has now been designed to fit the industry leading Lyn Valve Auto Expulsion (PA0002) housing.

This valve is retrofitable to the RVA/RVM/EVA valves so they are interchangeable if the user wants a different valve.  The Lyn Valve RVS (PA0400) is not, and is a standalone valve.

This retrofitable valve can utilize the identical products as the flagship Lyn Valve RVA valve, as it is the same exact housing as the RVA.  It can also utilize the FlexConnect (PA0050) unlike that of its predecessor, PA0400.  

This is a great valve for patients with dexterity issues that cannot easily push a button, such as those who suffer from arthritis or stroke.

The RVS Valve has all the same components as the classic Lyn Valve but features a slide release instead of the standard button.  This can be slid in any direction from the center default position, allowing air flow to enter the socket.  When the slide is in the center default location, it is “closed” only allowing for auto-expulsion from the socket.

Lyn Valve® RV Slide Retrofitable Kit Features:

  • Designed for transtibial suction sockets
  • Auto-Expulsion with 1/2 psi release pressure
  • Audible “click” indicates operation mode
  • High air flow with low noise
  • Retrofitable kit allows valve to be installed where regular Lyn Valve Auto Expulsion is used
  • Do not use with vacuum suspension
  • Easily interchangeable with the RVA, RVM, and EVA valves

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