Lyn Valve RVM (Manual Expulsion)

Lyn Valve RVM (Manual Expulsion)
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The Lyn Valve RVM is the manual version of our flagship valve and perennial top seller. The RVM is a highly dependable valve designed for AK patients of all activity levels that want superior support, dependability, and durability.


Identical build to the Lyn Valve RVA except that the RVM does not have an internal diaphragm to allow auto-expulsion. Instead, it uses all O-rings to provide a solid seal. Some users prefer not to have a diaphragm that can eventually break down due to use.  The manual valve has a longer life cycle due to less moving parts, internally.

This valve is dependable and often keeps going well past its life cycle. Guaranteed reliability—no holes in the valve body to clog or trap skin.

  • Designed for transfemoral suction sockets
  • All activity levels (K1-K4)
  • Releases air at ½ psi without adjustment
  • Manual option available (search: Lyn Valve RVM)
  • Can be used with any ESP liner and knee sleeve
  • Often used with our FlexConnect System (PA0050) for laminations that have an inner flexible socket

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