PVA Bags

PVA Bags
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PVA Bags

Use: For isolating plaster casts / other materials when laminating over.

Closed End PVA Bags

The inner bag is sealed neatly and saves time.

PVA Roll

Use: For producing custom PVA bags or for pulling over a cast in sheet form.


Classic PVA film sleeves of very high quality. Available in 3 different lengths and 2thicknesses. The shorter sleeves come in the very versatile thickness of 0.08 mm.The longer sleeves, which can also be used to laminate e.g. leg orthoses, are 0.1 mm thick.The slimmer sleeves are great for building e.g.pediatric leg orthoses.

PVA Bag Closed Ends

These PVA bags with closed distal ends are a true innovation.The PVA bag can be used directly on the model. It is not necessary to tie the distal end of the bag. This results in a very smooth surface on the inside of the socket’s distal end. The PVA bags come in 21 different sizes. Additionally, a starter kit that contains the most commonly used sizes is also available.

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