SACH Foot with Titanium Pyramid

SACH Foot with Titanium Pyramid
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Expanding on the benefits of the traditional SACH foot, this low activity model is created with a titanium pyramid already attached. Since no bolt is needed, this model weighs less than traditional SACH feet with a separate pyramid attachment. Available in a unisex, lifelike, water-resistant cosmesis, the SACH Foot with Titanium Pyramid offers a lightweight composite heel, flexible toe belting with three toe resistances, two heel heights, and interchangeable heel inserts. All three heel inserts are included with each foot.

Product Highlights:
  • Low Activity (U.S. Levels 1 & 2)
  • Molded-in Titanium Pyramid Makes Foot Lightweight and Inexpensive
  • New Lifelike Unisex Cosmesis
  • Available in Three Toe Resistances and Two Heel Heights

SACH Foot with Pyramid Instructions

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