Alpha Control Liner System

Alpha Control Liner System
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The Alpha Control Liner System is the next generation interface solution for use with pattern recognition. Embedded electrodes and leads in a gel-covered locking liner simplify the process of connecting to the Coapt Gen2 Complete Control System. The liner is available in three sizes (Extra Small, Small and Medium), with nine potential configurations for lead length – ranging from 6cm to 22cm (in 2cm increments) – enabling simplified myo-site selection and accommodating the vast majority of residual limb sizes.

By enabling consistent signal capture (through elimination of electrode lift-off), the system delivers a hassle-free user experience – enabling users to expand their range of activities while ensuring superior intuitive control and comfort.

The system is easier to don and doff in comparison with standard skin fit interface methods – leading to higher user satisfaction with their prosthetic device.

The Alpha Control Liner System was developed in collaboration with Coapt and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and is designed for the external prosthetic fittings of upper limbs and functions.

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