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Heeler provides relief to tender heels with heel spurs, inflammation or fat pad syndrome. It keeps the heel together and helps take advantage of the foot’s own fat pads through the shape of the heel cup in combination with the shoe. The underlying pattern act as air cells which effectively provide support and distribute pressure. Heeler fits most shoes and works immediately to relieve sore and tender heels.

The Heeler heel cup has been developed by the Paediatric Orthopaedics Centre (BOC) and Dr. Lennart Sandberg. It is based on extensive and substantive medical experience. The product is optimally designed to ensure excellent usability and the highest level of quality.


  • Stable; does not tip inside the shoe
  • Keeps the foot’s natural fat pads together
  • Grips the heel of the shoe
  • Can be easily moved from shoe to shoe
  • Skin-friendly material

Size: S (- 35), M (36 – 40),  L (41 -)
Material: Made from recycled TPE plastic

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