META™ Arc Foot

META™ Arc Foot
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WillowWood prosthetic feet updates (17th January, 2022)

WillowWood META prosthetic feet now also come in sizes 29 and 30.

A “black” spectra sock will be shipped as standard with all WillowWood META, Koa, and Durawalk prosthetic feet”

Please contact your Clinical Prosthetist or Massons Healthcare for more info.

WillowWood Prosthetic Feet Webinar September 15th 2021

Introducing META Arc

The META™ Arc is a moderate-to-high activity carbon fiber prosthetic foot with a revolutionary unibody design. This patent-pending breakthrough reduces weight, free of wraps, and hardware.

An integrated, biomimetic ankle joint offers unparalleled inversion and eversion range of motion.

Best of both worlds – a lightweight, dynamic spring frame returns greater than 95% energy, with a split keel for superior stability and ground compliance on various terrain.

Product Highlights:

  • Polycentric ankle
  • Boltless, unibody carbon fiber design
  • Greater than 95% dynamic spring
  • Energy return
  • Split keel
  • Corrosion and water resistant

Heel Height 10 mm (3/8″)

Weight 718 g*

Build Height 113 MM (4.45″)

META™ Arc Webinar May 25th 2021

Foot shells are offered in (left to right) medium brown, tan, and buff.

See the META™ Arc in action


META™ Arc Instructions

META™ Arc Catalogue

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